ESO’19 – conducted by B. Haemhouts

European Student Orchestra

ESO’21 – The ESO united… through a virtual tour through Europe.


The European Student Orchestra? What is it all about?

What happens if you put young people together who do not speak the same language, but are connected with each other via music? During the festival editions for student orchestras ESOF ‘17 and ESOF ‘18 in Leuven and Strasbourg, this concept of a united European Student Orchestra was established.

The members of the ESO experienced their participation as very amusing, educational and all wished for a sequel. We can finally announce the continuation of these projects: the official, standalone European Student Orchestra is now launched.

During summer, different members from student orchestras from all over Europe will gather together to form a new ESO and experience the pleasure of playing together. After an intensive week of rehearsing, the orchestra will show the result of the hard practice in a concert-tour, going from city to city and country to country.

In the summer of 2019, a pre-tour project was organised, but the first real concert tour will take place in the summer of 2021! 


The European Student Orchestra? What is it all about?

Past events

ESO '17

First project-orchestra during the ESOF’17-edition in Leuven, Belgium and a huge success from the start!

ESO '18

Due to the popularity and enthusiasm of the participants of ESOF’17, in the next Festival Edition the second project of ESO took place in Strasbourg, France during ESOF’18.

ESO '19

In summer of 2019 the first standalone ESO project has taken place in Brussels, Belgium. After a week of intensive rehearsing, the orchestra kicked of the official concert season of Bozar, one of the most well-known concert halls in Belgium, with an amazing first concert!

ESO '22

As part of the ESOF’22-edition in Toulouse, a project ESO-orchestra will perform.

Upcoming events


Keep an eye out for our upcoming plans!


There is no I in TEAM, nor in ESO, but there is an E major in both.

The team of ESO consists of 4 enthusiastic members, gathered around the idea of bringing students from all over Europe together thanks to classical music. The foundation of this new initiative is a continuation of the succes stories of ESO during the European Student Orchestra Festival’s in 2017 and 2018. Three members of the ESOF-team Jesse, Karen and Pieter decided to take up this new adventure and found one more enthusiastic soul, Katrijn.  All of them have a strong background in music in general and in the world of university ensembles in particular.



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“Very good to get to know each other and play & create an artistic matter out of a European friendship that would never have been possible without the ESO”
~ anonymous participant of ESO’17